Company Profile / Strategy

As a part of business development focused on development of high value-added product segments CENTRAVIS invested actively into a new equipment and production technology. The main target of investment program was extension of hot-finished tubes range and launch of heat-exchanger tubes processing equipment. As a result of the upgrade, CENTRAVIS has considerably expanded the product portfolio in steel grades and tube sizes and become the largest supplier of seamless stainless steel tubes to the European Union.

In a highly competitive environment of Western and Eastern producers, CENTRAVIS focuses on industrial and organizational innovations offering a unique solutions to the Customers.

Production development

CENTRAVIS continues developing custom-made high-tech products with additional requirements in terms of accuracy, length and surface condition.

In the medium term, the Company intends to increase the production output, focusing on gaining payback from investments to hot production. This refers development of sophisticated hot-finished products. In addition, significant growth is expected in instrumentation tubes segment and hollow bars due to the growing demand of automotive and mechanical engineering industries as well as heat-exchanger and boiler tubes due to development of nuclear power and thermal power industry.

Equally important target for the next few years is optimization of production process: reduction of production costs based on improvement of quality indicators and key staff performance.

Market expansion

In the nearest future, CENTRAVIS intends to increase its presence in strategic EU market and prospective NAFTA markets, Southern Asia and Middle East.

Development of project business, obtaining key certifications and approvals from the main end-users as well as improvement of customer service are the main tools to achieve the set targets.

The Company has achieved a great success in developing project business in EU and CIS markets by increasing its supplies eightfold for the last 4 years. CENTRAVIS portfolio includes major projects in the nuclear and automotive industries. Currently, CENTRAVIS is a supplier approved by all the major players in petrochemical, power generation and aerospace industries.

Having implemented up-to-date customer’s service system, CENTRAVIS is currently focused on providing shorter lead-times and improving electronic document exchange system.

Organizational development

CENTRAVIS complies with international accounting standards. Modern remuneration practices, staff appraisal system, ERP SAP are implemented.

The Company launched a large-scale project "World Class Production". This is a comprehensive platform to implement CENTRAVIS transformation into a global, competitive enterprise with efficient business processes, consistently high product quality, minimal risks and optimal costs at all the stages of the production process.