Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

From the early days of work on the market CENTRAVIS strictly fulfills its social obligations to its staff as a responsible and fair employer. In its daily activities, Company is guided by the current legislation of Ukraine, as well as generally recognized international standards regulating issues of human rights, labor, social security, protection of personal data, etc. The Company's obligations to its employees are reflected in internal documents such as the "Corporate Code" "Collective agreement", "Politics in the field of personnel management", "Politics in the provision of ​​personnel", etc.

Upon cooperation with the staff CENTRAVIS adheres to the following key principles.

We provide equal possibilities to our employees at all levels

  • All employees of CENTRAVIS have equal possibilities. A successful career in the Company depends on experience, professionalism, performance and desire to work. All employees of CENTRAVIS regardless of their position, age, gender and nationality are involved in the internal motivational programs.
  • In the process of recruiting, advantages are given to internal candidates that contributes to staff turnover and implementation of the employees’ potential.
  • In practice of internal communications CENTRAVIS adheres to the principles of effective and open dialogue - the Company's administration holds regular meetings with groups of structural units for the purpose of timely information on the current results and strategic objectives of Company.
  • Manifesting high standards of modern business communication, we pay attention not only to official, but also to informal communication among employees. CENTRAVIS finances regular corporate events and sporting events for employees.
  • CENTRAVIS supports voluntary associations of its workers. In company Women Board, Youth Board and Veteran Board operate leading an active social life and ensuring the rights of employees.
  • In addition, CENTRAVIS provides working places for people with disabilities. More than 80 different groups of people with disabilities work in the>

We recognize and respect the right of our employees to form trade unions

  • Holding administration supports an open dialogue with the primary trade union organization of CENTRAVIS PRODUCTION UKRAINE PJSC, as well as branch trade union of workers in metallurgical and mining industry in order to improve working conditions, motivation, training facilities, as well as safety and health of employees.

  • At the beginning of each year, Company holds a meeting of the personnel where the draft collective agreement is discussed and adopted. The collective agreement regulates mutual obligations of CENTRAVIS and workforce in the areas of:
    • production and provision of products quality;
    • work organization and staff motivation;
    • employment of workers
    • determination of operating regime;
    • environment, ecology, safety and health management;
    • team social development and social benefits, etc.
  • Collective agreement of CENTRAVIS PRODUCTION UKRAINE complies with all key requirements of Industry agreement and includes a range of additional initiatives to improve working conditions, safety and health of employees and environment safety. The good example is The Program of voluntary medical insurance for the Company’s employees that became effective since October 01, 2011.

We provide our employees with quotable reward and give them the possibility to improve their knowledge and skills

  • The cornerstone of remuneration policy is the principle of internal justice. For some years the company has had a remuneration system developed according to the method of international company Hay Group, which is characterized by fairness, transparency and flexibility.
  • Within the periodic evaluation of staff, CENTRAVIS conducts an annual audit of wages in order to keep remuneration of specialists at a competitive level.
  • Company also pays to its employees quarterly bonuses based on the KPI system (Key Performance Indicators).
  • In its activities, Company is building such a relationship with its employees that contribute to the development of their creativity. CENTRAVIS encourages commitment to any professional growth and provides with the opportunities for learning. Employees also have the opportunity to learn English or improve their language skills through the clubs of Spoken English organized in Nikopol and Dnepropetrovsk office.
  • CENTRAVIS also supports its employees by offering benefits such as health insurance for employees and their families, health improvement, corporate housing, mobile communications and transportation for non-resident.
  • All employees are guaranteed not only a statutory leave (annual, training, maternity leave, etc.), but also an additional output (for example, for wedding, important event in the family).

We provide for security and safety of staff health in the process of their labor activity

  • CENTRAVIS administration considers issues of safety and environment as a priority and an integral part of business strategy. In this regard, Company has developed and introduced special policies that define the key principles and rules of data processes management– «Policy of CENTRAVIS PRODUCTION UKRAINE in the field of occupational health and safety» and «Environmental policy of CENTRAVIS PRODUCTION UKRAINE. Policies are updated annually.
  • Company uses the international environmental management system and management of staff occupational health and safety. CENTRAVIS Environmental Management System is certified in accordance with ISO 14001-2004. Management System of Staff Occupational Health and Safety are certified in accordance with requirements of OHSAS 18001-2007. CENTRAVIS regularly passes through scheduled surveillance audit for compliance with the above standards.
  • Measures to improve working conditions and environmental safety are carried out within the approved annual programs, as well as the Collective Agreement for the current year.

We promote principles of social liability among employees

  • Implementing measures in the field of corporate social responsibility in the region of presence, CENTRAVIS actively engages employees to participate in corporate volunteering programs.
  • Company’s employees regularly hold voluntary work on cleaning and tree planting in the city, organize fund and wealth raising in favor of disadvantaged groups, conduct master classes for students of secondary and higher education institutions, organize a visit of lonely veterans of the plant.