Waldemar Scheiermann

Head of Sales

Waldemar Scheiermann, Head of Sales of CENTRAVIS PRODUCTION UKRAINE, PJSC since January 2017.


In 2001, Waldemar Scheiermann graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. In June 2014, Waldemar received a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA), with diplomas of both Vienna University of Economics and Business and Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, the USA.


Waldemar Scheiermann joined CENTRAVIS, starting his career as sales manager at CSG office. Waldemar was a driving force behind sales of pipes and tubes manufactured by CENTRAVIS in Germany and German-speaking countries. In 2009, he was appointed the General Manager of CSG office. In January 2015, taking over Houston Sales Office, Waldemar got a chance to apply entire positive experience of office management and sales development in the USA. In 2018, Waldemar joined the CENTRAVIS top-management team, having become a Member of the Board.