Mission and vision


We aspire to be a reliable partner and supplier of seamless stainless steel pipes and tubes preferred by customers all around the world based on long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.


We believe that, despite short-term fluctuations, the market for seamless stainless steel pipes and tubes will be growing due to improved performance and minimization of potential environmental damage.

We are expanding our production capacity: from a single production facility towards new ones in our key markets, intending to increase sales to over 30,000 tons per year, while increasing profits and expanding the product range.

We are planning to improve the production efficiency by rationalizing and optimizing the existing capacities, further developing our quality assurance system, which will lead to a higher degree of recognition of the CENTRAVIS brand.

We expect to involve our employees in managing the company, improve their skills and contribute to their professional development, seeking to become the best employer in Ukraine.

We intend to make a significant contribution to social responsibility and environmental protection in all the areas of our presence.