A new product of CENTRAVIS will be named after its author Andrey Balev, Head of Research & Development.

A new product of CENTRAVIS will be named after its author Andrey Balev, Head of Research & Development. Our Operational Marketing, Quality, Strategic Planning personnel is involved in registering Balev 304L; Balev 316L trademark.

«Our idea of encouraging employees’ initiatives and name our developments or new products after authors of these improvements is a support of our Company’s value, namely, Achievements Recognition. I would like such initiative to become our good tradition, each employee would be encouraged by new projects, new solutions and improvement of processes», said Yuriy Atanasov, Chief Executive Officer.

A year and a half ago, our Research & Development team developed own heat treatment process of steel to use it in automotive industry, where the metal is exposed to high and ultrahigh pressure. «This development became possible due to the close-knit, teamwork of our Research & Development personnel and shop process engineers – it was possible to develop new products and make innovations providing production support», commented Andrey Balev, Head of Research & Development. Andrey is a technical expert having 16 years of experience in materials science. Over his career period, he has published over 35 scientific papers, recorded 7 patents.

A new product features have been previously reported. These features are available through the link: https://www.centravis.com/news/sentravis-zapatentoval-novuyu-tehnologiyu-termoobrabotki/.

The world scientific community has also recognized our Company’s solution. The relevant article, published in «Stainless Steel World», professional scientific and technical journal has been awarded with a special prize: a limited edition of a collection of studies by J. Charles.

Benteler Automotive, CHESINI MECCANICA srl, Salzgitter Mannesmann, as our regular customers, have been interested in our solution: over 2020 we have produced 342 tons – 266 873 thousand meters of tubes and pipes using this new solution. The product is valuable for our buyers in terms of its variability of application and increased operational life.

CENTRAVIS is an international company, which keeps up with time and follows world’s best practices of doing business and building its corporate culture. We manufacture seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes! And we like it!

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