ADIPEC 2019: New perspectives for sales development

CENTRAVIS has recently taken part in ADIPEC 2019, Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference, the first-rate industry event in the Middle East; it was held between 11 November and 14 November, 2019 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. During the exhibition CENTRAVIS featured on its stand its current solutions in seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes.

CENTRAVIS takes part in ADIPEC exhibition and conference annually.The conference is an indicator of new promising areas and trends in the oil and gas industry,. ADIPEC is the most high-profile event in the world of oil and gas. This year, over 2200 companies from 67 countries around the world have took part in ADIPEC.

During the exhibition CENTRAVIS  met many consumers of its products: distributors, engineering companies, and end users. Our partners identify the high quality of our products, which match the most stringent requirements of the oil and gas market, the outstanding service provided to our customers, and in addition. the necessary approvals from our end users.

The Middle East market is still one of the key strategic areas for CENTRAVIS’s development. For this reason we  opened our own representative office in the UAE in 2016.

Today, our participation in such a significant forum as ADIPEC-2019 is as relevant as ever. CENTRAVIS has been actively and successfully stepping up its presence in the region over the last few years. CENTRAVIS is already one of key suppliers of solutions for seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes in the markets of the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia,” Fedor Smirniy, Regional Sales Manager, Middle East, comments. “Our meetings in Abu Dhabi have let us expand our agent network, we have negotiated a new agent warehouse program for CENTRAVIS instrumentation tubes, and we have also won approval for participation in a new desalination project. The Middle East market has recovered and it is one of the prospective lines of sales development.”

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