Centravis management and employees sign Collective Agreement for 2015

Draft of the Collective Agreement was approved on April 2, 2015 during the Employee Conference.

Speaking to the delegates, Centravis CEO Yuriy Atanasov emphasized that the company has fully performed its obligations to the employees with respect to wage payments and financing of the Collective Agreement in 2014.

According to Yuriy Atanasov, in spite of the worsened economic situation, Centravis’ 2015 Collective Agreement has not only preserved the whole social package, but has also seen a 20% increase in spending for healthcare, sports, and entertainment activities. Speaking about company forecasts, Centravis CEO pointed to the World Class Manufacturing project launched in the beginning of 2014: “Building a world class manufacturing is a key project to our long-term development strategy that primarily envisions extensive investments in our staff aimed at improving working conditions, motivations, as well as professional and personal development.”

In 2015, the updated Collective Agreement also foresees the improvement of social conditions at the company’s facilities. For instance, in March this year, workshop canteens were renovated and the company’s production staff received meal allowances. Another project reaching completion is supplying all staff with new uniform workwear. Apart from this, it is planned to install air conditioning units in shift meeting rooms until the end of the year and continue renovation of changing and shower rooms. Additionally, the Agreement provides for the financial support of the events held by the Centravis’ Veterans Council, Youth Council, and Women’s Council.

As was noted by the Head of Centravis’ primary trade union organization, 2015 Collective Agreement respects the interests of all the parties: “Management, employees, and trade union have found an optimum solution. Taking into account today’s financial situation, the Collective Agreement meets our employees’ expectations related to working conditions and social guarantees.”

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