Babcock Power includes CENTRAVIS in their list of suppliers

A global leader in providing innovative, high quality steam generation and energy-related products and services to the power generation and processing industries, Babcock Power Inc. certifies that Centravis Sales America is a fully qualified Supplier to provide Stainless Steel Pipe and Tubes for the Babcock Power Companies.

“This approval is another milestone achievement for Centravis in building an unyielding reputation of one of the world’s leading suppliers in the boiler tube segment. Within recent years Centravis was awarded a number of critically important boiler projects that became the building blocks for Centravis’ project reference list in the North and South Americas. Also we are actively mastering and introducing niche and specialty materials e.g. ultra-super-critical steel grades for high temperature service,” says Yuriy Dinets, General Manager, Centravis Sales America.

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