Global Market Business in a Pandemic: What is the Way of Experiencing a Perfect Storm? Op-Ed Piece by Yuriy Atanasov

Yuriy Atanasov, the Chief Executive Officer of CENTRAVIS writes about the standard withstand strength practice as our abilities to fall in line with the crisis conditions. The practice is described in his Op-Ed piece for Delo.ua.

“Based on our experience, the key advice to those who would like to cope with a perfect storm and gain in strength is the following: “Be adaptive!” − Yuriy Atanasov shared his major conclusion after eight months crisis management activities of the Company.
What is the basic idea in practice?
“Today, the planning time-frame gets narrow to a few months or even weeks. Prompt decisions and stay off the previous plans are the key skills. You are a part of the environment. If you want to survive, you will forget about the line you have prepared in the calm conditions. You should focus on the aspects those will help you to head over water and hold your head above water, right here and right now” advised the Chief Executive Officer of CENTRAVIS.
More information on three key agility ways those have been implemented by CENTRAVIS over the crisis of 2020 is available in the Op-Ed Piece by Yuriy Atanasov for Delo.ua.
CENTRAVIS is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes. The Company was founded in 2000. The Company’s production facilities are located in Nikopol (Dnepropetrovsk region). CENTRAVIS is one of the world’s top 10 players, it supplies products to Thyssenkrupp, BMW, Alstom, Linde, Samsung, Volkswagen and other companies. The Company employs over 1.400 employees.

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