Business with a Big Heart

CENTRAVIS Charity Foundation continues to help Nikopol medical institutions. The synoptophore СИНФ -1 has been presented to the Pediatric Ophthalmology as a valuable gift.

This device is intended to detect and treat strabismus, define an objective and subjective angles for strabismus, as well as to determine a retinal correspondence state. In addition, synoptophore provides medical orthoptic exercises for functional scotoma elimination and asymmetric binocular vision correction.

CENTRAVIS team also donated Pediatric Ophthalmology two modern vision examination tables. Despite of new survey technologies, such simple diagnostic tool as a table is still popular among ophthalmologists around the world.
“A sinoptophore is a device of high accuracy, our hospital still uses a device being in use for over 20 years. It has been repaired numerous times, but its life service has been expired away back, – comments Vadim Kutovyiy, Pediatric Ophthalmologist. The device is absolutely essential, but expensive, it costs more than UAH 50 thous. Help of CENTRAVIS Charity Foundation to our medical intuitions is invaluable”.

The violation of the child’s eyes position is not just a cosmetic defect, but a serious medical problem, as this defect can lead to the loss of the ability to see with both eyes at once. According to statistics, strabismus is one of the most common problems of the visual organs among young and school-age children.

For eight years CENTRAVIS Charity Foundation has been investing to Nikopol medical institutions. Yearly the various diagnostic instruments and equipment are purchased for the local hospitals and ambulatories amounting to UAH 400 -600 thous.

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