CENTRAVIS Charity Fund continues to provide assistance to local medical institutions

Municipal hospital No. 1 in Nikopol was donated a modern medical equipment

Charity Providers donated a modern microscope, centrifuge for laboratory, shadowless lamp and electric suction machine for the operating room as well as monitor for evaluation of vital functions for intensive therapy unit.

It is to be recalled that in June, the city hospital No.1 was equipped with an oxygen concentrator which is compulsory used in emergency departments in conjunction with anesthesia or artificial lung ventilation units.

“CENTRAVIS continues to actively support the local medical institutions – commented Elena Antosheva, Human Resources & Organizational Development Director, CENTRAVIS, – currently, more than UAH 8 million were allocated by CENTRAVIS Charity Fund for implementation of various projects in the healthcare field”.

Health Professionals sincerely thanked Company representatives for their assistance and support as the quality of service often depends not only on medical staff expertise but also on the equipment.

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