CENTRAVIS Charity Fund has provided Nikopol municipal hospital No. 1 with a medical gas analyzer.

Nikopol municipal hospital No. 1 has received the town’s only medical gas analyzer, it is valuable equipment needed for accurate diagnostics and treatment order of patients.

It determines oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations in blood, as well as electrolytes one and pH of blood; it provides as accurate results as possible. All tests provided by this mini laboratory make it possible to select a medical ventilator operating mode to give first aid properly in severe cases. The gas analyzer has its important benefit, namely its operation speed. It ensures 30 blood samples control within an hour. In addition, the analyzer treats the whole blood; therefore a blood sample does not need to be previously divided into components.

In the immediate future, we will deliver 20 and 10 oxygen concentrators to hospitals of Dnipro and Nikopol respectively.

We undertake our further work effectively to prevent the medical problem turning into business one. Let’s take care of each other, support people stand in need of help!

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