“Business during the war” survey results and useful information

News from European Business Association in Ukraine:
This week we conducted the express survey among the EBA members about current business activities and operations in times of war. Below you may find its key results.

17% of companies reported that they worked full time, 16% had limited the geography of the activities, 19% had been forced to close some offices / outlets /branches. The other 29% of companies are currently out of business, and 27% have suspended, but want to resume operations. Only 1% of CEOs have plans to close their business.

63% of businesses continue to pay salaries to employees in full and 45% make some additional payments. Only 3% were forced to cut salaries, and 1% have to provide unpaid leaves or were forced to lay off staff.

To support the employees, 68% paid salaries a month or more ahead, 29% reimbursed relocation expenses, 23% rented accommodation in western Ukraine and 23% did it abroad, 1% ordered insurance for those who continue to go to work.

All businesses try to support Ukraine in time of war, and I want to say huge thanks to each business for unity and consciousness. According to our survey, 41% of companies help financially, 35% support employees who defend the country, 31% supply products, 29% supply services, 16% — medicines, 9% — means of protection/defense. However, we still receive a lot of requests from Ministries, territorial defenses with the request to support them as, unfortunately, the war continues. Here are the lists of necessities. Moreover, we changed the purpose of our Second Chance Bank platform and oriented it on the needs of the Ukrainian army, medical system, territorial defenses. On the website you can find the TOP ‘wanted items’ but if you don’t find items you can support with – you can mention them in this form.

We also asked our members if they work with Russia and if yes what are the plans for this cooperation. Among the respondents, only 34% did business in or with Russia. Out of them, 31% have already stopped operations, closed offices, exited investment projects in Russia and with Russia, froze Russian money, etc. Moreover, 14% have suspended their activity, and another 34% are currently thinking about it.


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