CENTRAVIS Charity Fund has delivered 30 oxygen concentrators to Nikopol and Dnipro hospitals

CENTRAVIS Charity Fund has purchased 30 oxygen concentrators jointly with Energy Resources PJSC and NTP PJSC, as our friends and business partners; they have been purchased totaling to UAH 1,1 million and have been delivered to Nikopol and Dnipro hospitals.

An oxygen concentrator is a small oxygen factory. The equipment processes common atmosphere air and turns it into 95% oxygen mixture. The oxygen concentrators are safer than gas cylinders, as they do not contain pressurized gas. In addition, it is not necessary to control the balance of oxygen at all times, pre-purchase new cylinders or refill the used ones. The oxygen concentrators save money and storage areas. And most importantly, they save time, which is sometimes crucial for very sick patients.

Let’s take care of each other, support people stand in need of help!

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