CENTRAVIS is admitted as an approved supplier for Petrojet

In current market conditions, big engineering and construction companies are highly interested in reliable source of top quality products. And Petrojet is not an exemption. So, after detailed evaluation, being supported by local Agent – Ocean Petroleum Trade, Centravis was qualified as an approved Vendor for the whole Product Range.

PETROJET ranks among the biggest full-service construction groups in Middle East and North Africa area, providing integrated Services to Oil, Gas, Petrochemical industries, undertaking Complex projects in Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Algeria, Sudan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Iraq and Kuwait.

The Company is operating since 1975, with a workforce more than 35’000 employees. Head office of Petrojet is located in Cairo, Egypt, the Company’s representation offices are in UAE, KSA, Jordan, Oman, Iraq and Libya.

“With Petrojet registration Centravis is getting an access to Oil&Gas Industry of Egypt which is currently demonstrates rapid growth with huge potential in its both upstream and downstream sectors,” says Fedor Smirniy, Regional Sales Manager for Middle East, CENTRAVIS.“Being an approved Supplier means participation in projects related to construction and maintenance of onshore and offshore equipment, where Seamless Stainless Steel Tubes and Pipes are widely used”, – commented Fedor Smirniy, Regional Sales Manager for Middle East, CENTRAVIS.

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