CENTRAVIS is regularly audited for compliance with specific industry requirements.

The Quality Service team was successfully certified according to the updated version of ISO 9001-2015 “Quality Management System. Requirements”.
Compliance with this standard proves not only the competence of the Company’s management but also the efficiency of each Company unit performance. It also provides a competitive advantage, since it enables:
– to meet customer needs as efficiently as possible;
– to more efficiently use temporary and monetary resources;
– to promptly correct the errors
– to bring motivation and involvement of staff to a new level, contributing to the improvement of internal processes;
– provide goods and services of the best quality.

For us, this is an opportunity to increase customer loyalty and expand the capabilities of our business.

CENTRAVIS has also successfully passed the certification for compliance with the requirements of the MARITIME REGISTER OF SHIPPING IN UKRAINE PJSC, which enabled us to continue supplying products for the ship-building industry and to meet the specific requirements for application of ISO 16949 IATF:2016 for car and components production.

Updated certificates can be found on: http://new.centravis.com/ru/products-services/quality-management/certificates/

We have also purchased 5 blocks of the new edition of ASME standards for pipe production technology and quality testing, and currently we are convinced that our products comply with the latest official word of science and technology.

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