Charity Fund CENTRAVIS continues to participate in local health development

CENTRAVIS adheres to the principles of corporate social responsibility since the first days of operation. The Company successfully implements the social investment program aimed at development of economic and cultural potential of Nikopol and Dnepropetrovsk region. Health promotion is one of the directions.

At the end of March, the city hospital No. 1 received a large surgical set of medical steel from CENTRAVIS Charity Fund.
Head Physician of the health facility – Elena Solomakha thanked for the gift noting its high quality and relevance, – “Tools will be used in all departments of the hospital – Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Urology, Gynecology and Neurotraumatology. Health is our most valuable asset. We hope that CENTRAVIS Charity Fund will support and assist medical institutions to the same extent, making an invaluable contribution to health enhancing of the locals”.

Whereas the Deputy Mayor, Olga Konyk, expressed her gratitude to the Company as the most reliable partner and investor, drawing attention to the fact that CENTRAVIS Charity Fund always carefully approaches the selection of medical equipment, coordinates the choice with the experts, thus acquiring the most required tools and equipment.

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