If you suspect you may have COVID-19

If you suspect you may have COVID-19: please click the link below and pass online test to detect the relevant symptoms

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, it is necessary to meet the following:
– stay at home and don’t come to work;
– call your family doctor and follow his instructions;
– if you do not have your doctor you can reach a doctor of IC Ingo by telephone on the following numbers: 067 214 00 03 or 050 119 01 40;
– call your immediate supervisor and coordinator report your concerns by telephone on the following number: 067 569 91 99;
– appeal for emotional support, if required. It is available at: https://www.centravis.com/news/emoczionalnaya-podderzhka/;
– pass PCR-test, the relevant appointment card is issued by the coordinator;
– stay at home up to the point of getting your negative test results.

Our steering group will also determine the scope of persons contacted with the employee at the same office / room / mill and had close communications with him during the last 3 days; the contact persons’ full names, positions, areas, dates will be identified. The scope of contact persons will also stay at home up to the point of getting the test results of the employee having COVID-19 symptoms. The coordinator will notify the cleaning company that it is necessary to sanitize the contact surfaces and the workplace of the colleague having COVID-19 symptoms. All sanitation measures shall be made carefully and thoroughly.

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