Quality Guarantee: The Biggest UAE Oil Producers Choose CENTRAVIS

CENTRAVIS, the world’s leading supplier of high-quality seamless stainless piping solutions, successfully obtained qualification by ADCO (The Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Petroleum Operations Ltd. ) and ZADCO (Zakum Development Company). These are the key oil producers in UAE. One more company – ADMA OPCO (The Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company), which specializes in offshore oil and gas production, has confirmed conditional qualification for instrumentation tubing. All three companies are the part of ADNOC Group (The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company).

Passing the certification process means that CENTRAVIS was approved as products supplier for projects of these companies. Partnership with ADNOC is going to help CENTRAVIS to increase its market share in UAE and Middle East in general.

All three companies have very strict quality requirements. Especially ZADCO, which is an offshore company operating in extremely difficult environment with very high H2S gas content in the fluids. Still CENTRAVIS product range includes special stainless steel types, which are rich in nickel and molybdenum. This allows to show good results even in harsh environment.

“Working with ADNOC is the next step for us. We have won popularity among the clients in CIS countries, EU, North America. Obtaining ADCO and ZADCO qualification continues CENTRAVIS consistent development in oil and gas segments,” says Vyacheslav Erkes, CENTRAVIS Sales Director. “We are sure that qualification by the leading companies along with high quality and innovative solutions opens new prospects for CENTRAVIS.”

ADNOC is the group of oil and gas producing companies, which holds leading positions on UAE and global markets. The group consists of ZADCO, ADCO, ADMA OPCO and other companies. ADNOC works in all sectors of gas and oil industry, including production (onshore and offshore drilling), technical support, transport by tankers, as well as oil and oil products distribution.

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