Green transition in industry

Investments in Environment and "Green Transition" Are A Matter of Competitiveness for Exporters, – Yuriy Atanasov

In 2021, Centravis will invest UAH 140 million in environment and energy efficiency. Company’s CEO, Yuriy Atanasov, spoke about this during an open discussion “Green Transition in Industry: How to Make Environment a Part of a Strategy.”

“This year we are allocating UAH 140 million for the projects related to the environment and energy efficiency. This is approximately EUR 4 million, while total investment estimates EUR 8 million. This is 50% of the money we really need,”- underlined Yuriy Atanasov.

In particular, the Company is planning a comprehensive reconstruction of Tube Chemical Treatment Area, construction of a reagent treatment system for acid wastewater, as well as transition to autonomous modular-type boiler houses.

Major investments in environment are a matter of the Company’s competitiveness: 95% of Centravis products are exported. Company’s customers include such world leaders as BMW, Alstom, Linde, Samsung, Volkswagen. As a result, Centravis strives to meet the requirements of its customers, and in terms of international environmental standards conformity, the Company’s production processes are regularly audited and certified.

For example, currently “Centravis” is preparing for the next environmental audit in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14000 – a group of environmental management standards, which help organizations to minimize the impact on the environment.

Also, both Company’s management and Company’s employees, adhere to the principle that you need to start with yourself. Therefore, Centravis, for example, refused to buy cheap Chinese stainless steel.

“Chinese technology is the dirtiest. Extensively energy-consuming manufacturing is carried out by means of nickel enriching from the “poor” ores, which are mined in Indonesia,” – commented Yuriy Atanasov.

Centravis purchases steel manufactured in electric furnaces using large volumes of scrap. Such production meets the modern European requirements.

In addition, the Company has introduced a principle of separate waste collection at its production facilities. Separate containers and racks are installed for each type of waste. This helps to increase the recycling volumes and to reduce the load on landfills.

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