Interview with Yuriy Atanasov, CEO of Centravis

Learn about the investment attractiveness of Ukraine through a special project “Ukraine: an FDI report” by Global FDI Reports, distributed with leading German business newspaper Die WELT, where an interview with Yuri Atanasov, CEO of Centravis, was published.

During the conversation with a journalist, Yuri Atanasov outlines industry trends and what makes Centravis stand out on today’s competitive international marketplace.

The most interesting interview quotes below:

“The important thing is not to be 100 percent perfect, but to respond correctly to any customer claims. If you make the proper corrections, you have a chance to develop good business relations”.

“CENTRAVIS has moved from a pure profit-driven concept to trying to become a company focused on people, one that they are motivated to work for and are proud to be a part of”.

“We have seen a new trend in Ukraine ever since the EU opened its borders to our citizens for travel and work opportunities. I feel that this is a great chance for Ukrainians because people who travel and work abroad will learn how other people run their businesses, and when they come back home they will be ready to transform our own models. We want our people to be prepared for change, we don’t want to be frozen in time; we want to be a part of this culture of transformation”.

For the complete text of interview, please click here http://ukraine.globalfdireports.com/interview/yuri-atanasov/

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