Investing in the future: CENTRAVIS launches second class of its “Introduction to Management” course

More than 40 CENTRAVIS employees join the company’s “Introduction to Management” corporate training course

On March 2015, the company’s Corporate University welcomed its second batch of “Introduction to Management” students. The corporate training program was first launched in November 2014 with 45 employees enrolled.
Primarily aimed at company specialists and aspiring managers willing to move up to executive positions, the new program provides for a unique educational experience in a sense that all of its lecturers are the company employees that have undergone special training and certification with the Internal Trainers School.
Throughout the course – comprising three blocks: “Business Management in CENTRAVIS”, “The Company: Yesterday, Tomorrow”, and “Personal Efficiency Tools” – students will look into the company’s goals and strategy, as well as the practical aspects of cooperation between different business units, and, most importantly, the company’s manufacturing processes. The course will also provide students with systematic algorithms for the line managers related to handling their typical day-to-day tasks, and key tools for the personnel and process management.
“I have taken this program as a personal challenge, since having some knowledge is one thing, but being able to effectively pass it on to your colleagues is completely another. From the outside, this always seems like an easy thing to do, but in reality, effectively sharing your knowledge and keeping your audience interested and engaged requires lots of effort!” said Andrei Sagun, lead standardization engineer.
Andrei Berlov, internal production trainer: “I’ve been an internal trainer for quite a while now, joining the company’s educational efforts well back in 1998. This is very important for me as I take part in most of the CENTRAVIS major projects. I joined “Introduction to Management” on my own initiative, with the program helping me to move up to a new level in my development. I have devised a brand new interactive curriculum for my students, and I’m really pleased with the fact they all seemed to have been excited with it during the few classes we had so far.”
CENTRAVIS’ Corporate University launched in November 2013 with 57 company employees enrolled in its initial “Management School” course. In June 2014, all the students have successfully defended their diploma projects with the school’s second class already underway since March 2014. Apart from employees of CENTRAVIS PRODUCTION UKRAINE PJSC, the program was also joined by the employees of other companies within the CENTRAVIS Holding – NZTO PJSC, and Energoresursy PJSC.

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