Centravis success story: tubes and pipes for the world nuclear industry

In mid-May, Buhlmann and Bilfinger accepted Centravis pipes to be used in the nuclear industry.

The acceptance procedure took place in Germany. The BUHLMANN Group is a premium company in the sales of steel pipes, pipe fittings and accessories worldwide. Bilfinger is a European company specialized in civil and industrial construction, engineering and services based in Mannheim, Germany. The history of the company has more than 100 years, during which they have implemented interesting and significant projects: Centennial Bridge over the Panama Canal, Block 9 of the Power station of Mannheim in Germany, Edinburgh Trams line in Scotland, Düsseldorf Stadtbahn from Düsseldorf-Bilk station to Düsseldorf Wehrhahn station, and many others.

It was the final inspection of the last remaining items for the Hinkley Point C BOP order. Hinkley Point C is a 3,200 MWe two-unit nuclear power station under construction in Somerset, England. Hinkley Point C makes a major contribution to the UK’s move to reduce carbon emissions. The electricity generated by its two EPR reactors will offset 9 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year. This is equal to the emissions per 9 million passengers on the return flight from Paris to New York!

Representatives of Buhlmann and Bilfinger were pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the pipes produced according to RCCM and EN standards. RCCM – design and Construction Rules for Mechanical Components of PWR Nuclear Islands. The rules for fabrication and examination given in the RCCM are a description of current practice in the French nuclear industry based on its own nuclear and industrial experience. EN standards have a positive impact on facilitating the free movement of goods in international trade by streamlining production, promoting environmental protection and competitiveness, while providing adequate consumer protection. Auditors were also impressed by the quality of the surface, both external and internal, and noted the minimum variation in tolerances. Mechanical properties, metal structure and intergranular corrosion resistance are fully in accordance with nuclear requirements. There were also no comments on the document flow and its quality.

«We want to express our deepest gratitude to all of you for completing our order for the project despite these difficult times. We can’t even begin to imagine how difficult the current times are for you. Nevertheless, you managed to carry out all remaining works and fully supported us in shipping the material out of Ukraine. It is really appreciated that the communication with you and your team over the past few weeks was very stable and reliable», – noted Jan Paul Godhoff, Director International Projects Division, Buhlmann.

As we know, nuclear is the world’s second largest source of low-carbon power. Nuclear technology is at the center of the world’s efforts to achieve sustainable development. As we are changing the world for the better, taking care of the ecology of Nikopol, Ukraine, and the world, it is a special honor for the Team to take part in such projects.

«Now Ukraine is going through difficult times, and for Centravis People, being involved in large global projects gives strength and hope for a brighter future. Especially while receiving support of our European colleagues», – commented Artem Atanasov, CSO.

We continue to believe in the future and fight for it. Ukrainians are made of Steel.
We are Centravis!
We manufacture seamless stainless pipes! And we like it!

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