Large international companies confirm the quality of CENTRAVIS products

American companies LyondellBasell and Chicago Bridge & Iron Company include CENTRAVIS on their list of approved manufacturers (AML)

The second quarter of 2015 has seen Centravis, a leading global provider of high quality solutions in the seamless stainless steel tubes segment, receive approval from two American industry giants: LyondellBasell and Chicago Bridge & Iron Company.

Providing products and services around the world, Centravis has long since been one of the best and most reliable companies in its field, with product certification by credible enterprises being an indisputable sign of its quality and reliability.

“Public endorsement from world’s leading manufacturers and developers confirms that our products meet highest international standards, and strengthens our position in the international market”, says Centravis sales director Vyacheslav Erkes.

LyondellBasell, the world’s third largest independent chemical company, engages in manufacturing a wide range of goods and products from food packaging to clean fuels, durable textiles, medical supplies, building materials, and even automotive components.

CB&I is a large international conglomerate, and global leader in the design and construction of the production, transportation, storage and processing of oil and gas. Its global expertise allows it to implement large-scale projects even in the most difficult of conditions.

Recall that Centravis products have successfully passed certification by ADCO, ADMA-OPCO, and ZADCO – all key oil companies in the UAE.

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