The bridge from the past to the future: The company timeline portrayed in life stories

On December 2, at a special event was announced a book by Vasiliy Atanasov, the shareholder and co-founder of CENTRAVIS Holding. The title of the book is fully symbolic "The bridge from the past to the future: NPTZ-UVIS-CENTRAVIS".

Book by Vasiliy Atanasov is not a chronicle, but a life story of real people based on their memories, reasoning, emotional impulses. It is, in fact, several generations of Nikopol residents, who were destined to go from century to century, from one era to another, an era of great transformation and changes, whose life is inextricably bound up with Yuzhnotrubny Plant. The story is very lively, emotionally rich, ambitious and at the same time intimate. This is the story of people who laid the foundation of Yuzhnotrubny Plant, and nowadays are building a modern, dynamic company CENTRAVIS, keeping the path of the older generations.

After the event all the guests got the book from the author for a keepsake

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