On the Way of World Class Manufacturing

November 11, 2021 is a milestone date for CENTRAVIS. It will be best remembered as one of the most important day on the way of World Class Manufacturing.

The first stage of the ambitious project 2020-2024 has been completed. “Revamping the Pickling Area of the Cold Shop” ─ removing the alkaline bath at the Cold Shop.

Today we are proud to tell about this event as about former one. But in August 2020, this goal became a CHALLENGE for our project team, as the task line runs deeply.

Change history
2002 – the first laboratory-based works to develop the chemical process for the Hot Shop
2006-2011 – industrial tests at the Pickling Area, baths purchased for the Hot Shop
2011 – removal the alkaline bath at the Hot Shop
2011 – driving the chemical process development for the Cold Shop
2012-2014 – industrial tests, trails of acid hydrofluoric pickling using peroxide at the Cold Shop.


Changes in the tube treatment process make it possible to exclude smoke harmful to employees’ health at the Pickling Area of the Cold Shop, and take good care of nature.


Andrey Vladimirovich Krasyuk, Cold Production Director:
«For me, this is an event that was a dream and definitely something unreal a year ago. The main thing is that we have followed our dream, and stood for this solution completely, introducing new treatment patterns, and new equipment, as well as a new problem-solving approach at the Pickling Area. Therefore, every team member of the Cold Shop has won; this is another step towards a modern, clear treatment process, and of course, avoiding energy consuming and old chemical treatment».

Sergey Savchenko, Head of the Tube Pickling & Heat Treatment Area:
«For every Pickler, the alkaline bath has been a universal tool in tube treatment. But at the same time, every Pickler has understood the amount of energy consumed and heavy losses occurred. It has been necessary to make a lot of efforts and expend on energy to develop a new process and understand that the alkaline bath is a dead-end way. As long as we stood in the old way, we could not reach our new heights. It is just a history. Today we are implementing an important strategy for revamping the pickling area, and it means that we have a future».

Vita Yanova, Lead Engineer, Research & Development:
«For me, and I think for every team member, the alkaline bath removing means a confirmation of our competences, it is our team spirit effect, it is our faith in winning the goal, it is recognition. And the most important thing is our involvement in the first environmental changes, which will be followed by further ones such as treatment of weakly acidic drains; change in the chemical treatment process, avoiding nitric acid solution treatment».

As a result of implementing the first project stage, the Company will additionally get a supplementary reserve of USD 680 thous. yearly, due to energy savings, and will be able to use it for further development projects.

Old alkaline bath used at the Company

Introduction of a weakly acidic drain treatment system expected at the Pickling Area of the Cold Shop, it will be located at the alkaline bath dismantling area

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