Reliability and security: CENTRAVIS can supply tubes and pipes for nuclear power stations in Ukraine

CENTRAVIS, the world’s leading supplier of high-quality seamless stainless piping solutions, has been approved as a supplier of SE “NAEC Energoatom”.

The approval is valid until November 11, 2020. The decision allows CENTRAVIS to produce and deliver tubes and pipes according to the standards: TU 17-3-197:2006, GOST 9940-81, GOST 9941-81, GOST 10498-82, TU 14-3-1348-2005, TU U 27.2-32358151-109:2005, TU 14-3R-197-2001, TU 14-3-219-89, TU 14-3-1070-81 for SE “NAEC Energoatom” and its units (Zaporizhska NPP, Rivnenska NPP, South Ukrainian NPP, Khmelnitska NPP, “Atomremontservis”, “Atomenergomash”, “Atomkomplekt” and other subdivisions).

Experts of SE “NAEC Energoatom” and LLC “SERTATOM” conducted a thorough investigation of products and production processes, and concluded that CENTRAVIS has necessary equipment, machinery, tools, regulatory and technical documentation, as well as qualified staff to produce tubes and pipes. All products meet the highest standards required for nuclear industry.

“CENTRAVIS is a leading supplier of seamless tubes and pipes for nuclear industry in the former Soviet area,” says Peter Gorban, Head of Strategic Marketing and Sales Development in Product Segments at CENTRAVIS. “Approval to supply products for nuclear power projects in Ukraine is valid until 2020, and I’m sure that we will be able to participate in many projects for development and upgrade of nuclear power plants in Ukraine.”

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