New Potential for Export: CENTRAVIS Opens an Office in the Middle East

Ukrainian manufacturer of seamless steel pipe, CENTRAVIS, recently opened a representative office in the UAE. The permanent office will promptly work with customers in the field to increase exports of finished products from Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian economy is in particular need of funds from abroad for the development and diversification of export markets. As European markets have yet to really open up to Ukrainian business, it would seem that, as a rule, we would have few people looking into our Company and what we can offer,” says Fedor Smirniy, Regional Sales Manager in the UAE. “On the contrary – at CENTRAVIS, we are systematically increasing our presence in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Our office in the UAE offers our clients the opportunity to place new orders more readily and in one of the most promising markets for our products.” In addition to the UAE, the office aims to serve customers in other Middle Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Kuwait.

It is worth noting that in recent years, CENTRAVIS has significantly strengthened its position in the Gulf, where certification, as one of the suppliers among various leading companies in the region, was obtained. The Company has participated in a number of ambitious projects, including the MASDAR Project and the AGFA Project both in the UAE, and in Saudi Arabia – the Jazan Refinery and the Shedgum Gas Plant. In addition to timely meeting growing demand, the Company has a store of instrumentation tubes in the UAE, distributed at the facilities of local distributors. Furthermore, CENTRAVIS constantly participates in all key industry events in the UAE, increasing its customer base.

In the future, CENTRAVIS plans to expand in the region and increase the sale of “special” grade alloys, such as N06625, S31254, and N08825, and arrange delivery of products outside the oil and gas sector (the most promising areas include energy and water desalination), which also require the highest quality products and customer service; something that has long been a hallmark of the Company. In the oil and gas industry, CENTRAVIS currently focuses on attracting customers in the segment of offshore production, refining, and petrochemicals.

It should be noted that CENTRAVIS has already successfully opened a permanent office in the region, while back in 2006, an office was opened in Houston, especially for servicing key clients. This American base helps to cope with the time difference, operating on the same hours as the US.

CENTRAVIS has completed an audit by one of the key oil producers in the UAE – ADMA-OPCO, receiving positive assessment regarding inspection, and confirming compliance with the quality of production, prequalifying for ADCO, ZADCO, ADGAS.

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