Statement of the CEO: performance of Centravis under new political situation

With relation to recent events in Ukraine, we would like to continue informing our clients about the current situation in the Company.

Situation in the Country:
Political situation in Ukraine remains tense. Major attention is now fixed to Crimea. Dnepropetrovsk and Nikopol are not affected. We believe that reduction of confrontation and agreement among parties will be reached soon.

Company Operation:
Today the situation in the Company is stable, production is operating normally, orders are being produced and shipped according to the schedule. Production process is fully provided with billets, all necessary consumables and utilities.

Crossing the Borders:
Currently there are no problems with transportation and border crossing (Poland, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia, Hungary, etc) by our trucks handling the products. Shipment process is stable. Any delays or fails due to political crisis as of today are not expected.

Third party inspection of our performance:
Centravis invited the third-party – company SGS – to regularly make the inspection of our production facilities and stocks in Ukraine. The report of SGS on operation of Centravis under current political situation will be updated tomorrow. The information can be reached by following the link under “SGS on Centravis performance in current political situation”, which is located on the main page of the corporate web-site.

Yuriy Atanasov

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