Improving manufacturing culture: CENTRAVIS introduces new workwear standards

CENTRAVIS, a leading global supplier of high-quality solutions in seamless stainless tubes and pipes, announced today it has completed its project to introduce updated workwear standards. The initiative has been a part of the company’s long-term strategy to enhance its internal efficiency. The strategy is primarily aimed at creating successful and effective manufacturing through the joint efforts of all CENTRAVIS employees, both executives and regular staff.

First launched at the beginning of 2013, the project envisaged the creation of an updated workwear design as well as the holding of a tender among prospective suppliers. Winning the bid was the Ukrainian subsidiary of Finland’s Lindström, offering workwear rental and cleaning solutions. In 2014, two rooms located on the premises of CENTRAVIS production units were refurbished to become service centers issuing and handling the workwear.

According to approved standards, workers will be supplied with three different types of workwear – protecting against basic contamination, as well as thermal and chemical impacts – depending on the type of work they perform. Each worker is to receive three sets of workwear, each consisting of a pair of pants, a jacket, and a shirt. This means that workers are able to wear one set of workwear while the other is being cleaned and keep the third set in his or her personal locker of the service center. All clothing is made to the workers’ individual measurements.

As of now, 770 workers have already been provided with new workwear, while another 1,000 will receive their sets in the nearest future. Overall, the company plans to have almost UAH7.5 million invested in the project within 2014-2017. Currently, CENTRAVIS is looking into moving toward the full-scale provision and cleaning of workwear, including boots and winter components.

“Investing in creating comfortable working conditions is an important part of the CENTRAVIS operation. We are convinced that our employees constitute our key resource and it is their motivation that defines how successful our company is. This is why we are expecting to see increased performance as feedback to this initiative,” said Sergei Sokolov, COO at Centravis Production Ukraine PJSC.

Currently, the workwear is undergoing testing, with employees giving their feedback on their new uniforms and proposing the necessary adjustments to make them even more comfortable and practical.

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