Congratulation of Yu.V. Atanasov on the Metallurgist Day

Congratulation of the General Director of PJSC "CENTRAVIS PRODUCTION UKRAINE" Yury Atanasov on Metallurgist Day

“In these holidays you can not help recalling the history, the history of the past, when our workshops were being built, the press line in TPTS-4 was mounted, the rolling capacities of TVC-2 were put in. How difficult it was and how important it was for the country at that time. I remember the year 2000 when we began the process of restructuring the Nikopol Yuzhnotrubniy Plant, creating a separate enterprise, doing all this for the first time, accumulating a unique experience in the formation of specialized production We had to answer every time to difficult questions: how to make each enterprise in the territory of the former Yuzhnotrubnoy have an understandable development strategy, its own investment site, and judging by the fact that the investments did not take long wait, we did everything right.

And, at last, 2006 is remembered – the beginning of large-scale investments of CENTRAVIS company in modernization of capacities of press and drawing shops. New equipment and technologies made it necessary to completely rebuild not only the processes, but also the methods of work, people’s thinking. For many, this step looked incomprehensible and risky. The crisis of 2008 and 2009 put us on the brink of survival, but we survived. And today, when many companies are talking about the crisis again, we, relying on our investments and the painstaking work that has been done to create a new and demanded product portfolio, say that there is no crisis in the CENTRAVIS company. We recruit the fourth brigade in the press shop. We are talking about the development of production and the renewal of the fleet of equipment in the drawing shop. Despite the general instability of world markets, we are confident that our client is waiting for us, he really counts on our products, on our stable quality. And this confidence gives us the right to a good mood on our professional holiday.

I congratulate all employees of the holding CENTRAVIS on the Metallurgist Day. I wish them and their families stability, peace and prosperity. We live with the hope of a better future, and we are doing this future. “

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