CENTRAVIS and its partners helped to open new physical rehabilitation center in Nikopol

On May 28, 2015, new complex of 11 advanced medical devices and simulators for physical rehabilitation of employees was opened at Municipal Hospital #4. Re-equipment of two physiotherapy rooms was held by CENTRAVIS Charity Foundation together with the German partner Eurolinex.

Modernization is aimed to help people who have received injuries to pass rehabilitation program, especially designed for the new equipment. New program includes a medical procedure and a set of exercises in the gym. Treatment in the new physiotherapy room is free of charge. Nikopol citizens are also able to use the new equipment if they have doctor’s prescription.

Vera Nevinchannaya, CENTRAVIS Charity Foundation director, comments: “We try to do everything possible to make city community life easier, and we are grateful to our partners that helped us to implement such important projects.”

Raisa Derkach, the head of the physiotherapy department, mentions that this equipment updating in the last 40 years: “We are happy, because previously we had to use old machines, which were made in 1975 and needed to be repaired all the time.”

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