Rugged and Reliable: The Advantages of Centravis Duplex and Super-duplex Stainless Steel Pipes

Duplex and super-duplex steel pipes comprise a high level of mechanical properties. As such, they demonstrate great resistance to stress corrosion cracking and pitting corrosion. Thanks to effective in-house technology, these pipes allow us to resolve complex and demanding issues where quality is a concern in industries such as chemical engineering, oil and gas extraction, and more. The finer details of these superior pipes are featured in an article in Pipeline Magazine, by CENTRAVIS technical expert Oleg Polyntsev.

“Compared to TP304L, Duplex S32750 is 3.2 times stronger and superduplex S31803 is 2.6 times stronger when yield strength is considered,” says Polyntsev. “Stronger grades allow for lower wall thickness, despite having the same diameters, resulting in material savings. Additionally, the strength and plasticity qualities of the steel are up to 30-40% higher than the minimum qualities required by the ASTM/ASME/DIN standards; the fact that only brings additional value to the customer”.

CENTRAVIS has the necessary equipment and unique technologies for the production of pipes from duplex and super-duplex steel grades. Having obtained the necessary NORSOK M630/M650 certifications from independent inspection company for hot and cold pipe production of duplex and super-duplex steel, the company demonstrates the quality of their product time and time again. Read more about the advantages of CENTRAVIS duplex pipes in the article by Oleg Polyntsev.

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