The projects those we are proud of

are our cooperation activities with top automotive brands (Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, and Opel).

Do you know that many German (and not only) cars are equipped with Ukrainian seamless tubes, which are made by Centravis in Nikopol?

Let’s talk about our way we have succeeded.

In the early 2010’s, Centravis was known all over the world as a proven reliable manufacturer of seamless tubes and pipes. But an automotive industry is something special. It is a one-class club providing its specific behaviour to manufacturing processes and contracting activities. It is very difficult to enter this club. Many validation and inspection steps are required.

But when we got an offer to try ourselves in dealing with BMW, we met this challenge, because it was desired.

BMW quality representatives personally visited our plant in Nikopol. They studied the entire production line, entered into details, made certain requirements.

There was no easy way, but we were audited and proved our ability to manufacture high quality seamless tubes for BMW fuel rails.

The period from the audit to the first serial delivery lasted about a year.

Our team provided some internal organisational changes to deal with the best world automotive companies. We formed a single automotive group, conducted internal tests, furnished separate rolling mills, and finished equipping. For example, we purchased a special saw for cutting tubes into small sizes.

Our customers were satisfied with our products. Soon after BMW, we started to deal with Volkswagen Group, Mercedes, and Opel.

Our tubes are mainly used in high-power engine cars and sports cars, where heavy fuel pressure is made. But not only. For example, today they are used by low-powered turbaned Opel cars.

Annually, Centravis delivers hundreds of tons of seamless tubes to the world’s top automotive companies. We have five-year contracts in force and big plans for the future.

We don’t just manufacture and deliver our tubes. Our engineers jointly with automotive companies’ engineers update and improve our products quality, as a result, the parts made of these tubes.

Centravis makes every effort to be wrapped up in rather difficult, but interesting automotive industry, to understand the customers’ needs, to help them in making quality products and the best models.

We manufacture seamless stainless steel pipes! And we like it!

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