Transparent Business: Centravis brings tenders online

CENTRAVIS starts publishing data on planned purchases. The official website has launched special section, where you can find information on the ongoing and oncoming tenders.

“Online informing about purchases is the next step in ensuring maximum transparency”, says Artem Atanasov, Procurement Director at Centravis. “You can already see the tenders’ calendar up to the end of the year and see the partial procurement plans for 2016. Information will be upgraded and updated weekly. We guarantee the correctness and relevance of the dates, volumes, and nomenclature data.”

In the “Procurement” section users can find information about all tenders: real-life ones (Nikopol, Trubnikov pr., 56, “Plant management”) or electronic ones (via www.teclot.com). Anyone wishing to participate in the auction can find information on the necessary documents and tenders’ regulations. All closed tenders are saved at “Archives” section.

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