Establishing direct cooperation channels with Egyptian customers

Inspired by the achievements in Middle East Centravis would like to share its experience to the markets of North Africa with Egypt being one of main development targets in short term perspective.

Egypt is familiar with Centravis products, but to the most extent through indirect supplies from other countries. Therefore, the Company worked hard to find an opportunity to shorten the supply chain and establish a direct cooperation with Egyptian customers.

Centravis selected Egyptian company Trading Co as our local partner-agent for some particular oil& gas products for this development journey. Our cooperation in December 2021 resulted in approval for Centravis from 5 largest production and construction companies in Egypt: Petrojet, Badr Petroleum Company, Belayim Petroleum Company, Khalda Petroleum Co., Agiba Petroleum Company. A huge step forward, which provides an entry ticket for Centravis to oil&gas and construction industry of Egypt.

“Nevertheless, we have no plans to stop, but to carry on negotiating with the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, Power Generation Engineering & Service Co. to get the approvals soon. Our goal is to prove ourselves as a quality and reliable supplier not only in the general tubes and pipes segment, but also in the instrumentation and heat-exchanger tubes”, commented Marina Elinskaya, Sales Manager of Middle East market.

North African countries are actively developing, and Centravis is there to provide its high-quality products and solutions in seamless stainless steel tubes& pipes.

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