Centravis shares experience with Ukrainian and European business

Representatives of Dnipropetrovsk region business community have visited CENTRAVIS’s manufacturing facilities as a part of the Best Business Practices by EBA (European Business Association). The visit included technological aspects as well as information about the key projects of the Company.

Yuriy Atanasov, Chief Executive Officer of CENTRAVIS PRODUCTION UKRAINE PJSC, explained company’s history, the way it developed and reached today’s success: “To be global is the key requirement to any business nowadays. Obtaining approvals and certifications, as well as investing in the development of production allow us to be competitive and explore new markets.”

During the tour, guests could learn about the 5S project – workspace rationalization that includes 5 steps: sorting, maintaining the order, cleaning, standardization and further improvement. Also, businessmen saw the implemented uniform initiative. Finnish company as a contractor provides workers with seasonal sets of uniforms, as well as organizes timely cleaning, laundry, and repairing. This solution allowed CENTRAVIS to provide new clothing and optimize the costs. One more successful project is canteen optimization.
Guests also had opportunity to see new advanced equipment, such as LOI bright annealing furnace. The tube during bright annealing process gets necessary mechanical properties without any additional processing and descaling. This technology has long been used in Europe, but it is more expensive there, because the furnace is run on hydrogen, which needs to be purchased separately. CENTRAVIS’s advantage is its own nitrogen-hydrogen complex located at the plant, which helps to reduce costs significantly.

Among the plant visitors there were representatives of the Aegon, BDO Ukraine, BIKO Ukraine, Biosphere Corporation, BTL – Business Travel Leisure, Danieli Heavy Machinery Engineering, Maisadour Semences Ukraine companies, as well as EBA representatives. CENTRAVIS plans to continue cooperation with European Business Association in the future, and is ready to share experience with other business players.

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