CENTRAVIS commenced the Corporate University

Corporate University is established on the principles of self-improvement and action based learning. This is a full scale series of courses based on the cases and business practices. Corporate University programs are focused on the balanced development of management talents incorporating management tools mastering, leadership skills and decision making development as well as the art of strategic thinking.

Centravis Management School, one of the new programs, commenced in October as a part of Corporate University. This program was developed for middle management for the period of 8 months. The program will help participants to show themselves as successful and functional managers. The Program participants are foremen, senior / shift foremen, heads of shifts and areas as well as the heads of departments. School teaching staff is both outside providers: trainers, teachers of successful business schools and internal experts: top managers and heads of divisions.

Corporate University also includes programs on strategic and operational management and leadership skills for top managers. Engaging of Ukrainian and Western business school teachers is planned within the framework of such programs. The startup is planned for 2014.

Language School, competence development seminars, trainings, courses, forums, conferences, seminars and other programs keep going as a part of Corporate University. Thus, every employee has an opportunity to join the training process enabling thereby to grow professionally and to be effective on the position.

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