CENTRAVIS granted new equipment for Children’s Hospital

November 12, 2015 CENTRAVIS company representatives presented equipment for Nikopol Children's Hospital. Supporting the medical institutions of the city is CENTRAVIS long-term social program aimed at improving the quality of life of employees, their families and other residents.

Modern equipment was granted by Ekaterina Atanasova-Milovanova, the representative of the shareholders’ family. Medical equipment includes autoclave, nebulizer, surgical suction device and Radius apparatus for physical therapy. Doctors at Children’s Hospital noted that the use of new technology will significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of treatment.

“Supporting the health-care system in Nikopol is one of the CENTRAVIS key activities, because this is the city of company production location. Our employees’ children attend this hospital, so we will continue to help this institution and further increase the standard of living in the city”, says Ekaterina Atanasova-Milovanova.

In addition to the equipment company gave tasty gifts to young patients and their parents, providing everyone a real treat.

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