CENTRAVIS has granted new equipment for Nikopol clinics

CENTRAVIS continues to implement a comprehensive social investment program in the region of presence.

On November 19 the company presented new equipment to Nikopol center of primary health care. It includes multi-function devices for the cardiovascular diseases’ and musculoskeletal system treatment, physical therapy equipment for children and adults, a state-of-the-art microscope for the tuberculosis diagnostics, as well as water distiller and germicidal lamp for manipulation rooms.

“Nikopol is the place, where CENTRAVIS production capacities are located, so company systematically works on the city development and the quality of life improvement,” says Vera Nevinchannaya, Director of CENTRAVIS Foundation. “During the last 7 years we’ve already invested more than UAH 2 million to support public healthcare in the city.”

The Nikopol center of primary health care serves more than 87% of city dwellers. CENTRAVIS employees made 17 000 requests to the center over the past year.

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