CENTRAVIS: finding fresh opportunities amidst the global market decline

Currently, quotations of the power and commodity markets are the key subject of discussion for analysts in the course of estimation tube market prospectives. Decrease in revenues of oil producing, commodities and steel-rolling companies results in reduction of their capital expenditures, lower volumes of orders as well as reduction of projects.

The largest US tube market declined significantly over the last year and this affected its key players including CENTRAVIS, one of the largest suppliers of high-quality solutions in the segment of seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes. “Despite overall ‘market slump’, CENTRAVIS continues successful implementation of the strategy started in 2002 to increase its presence in the US market, however, taking into account the current situation and the economic environment, we are actively exploring new niches in the industry”, commented Yuriy Dinets, Sales and Marketing Mananger, CENTRAVIS SALES AMERICA. “CENTRAVIS is an expert in the production of boiler tubes, with over 50 years of experience manufacturing boiler tubes for coal-fired power plants in CIS countries.
Like the boiler tubes, the company’s hollow bars are also a product that is being widely used in the industries outside the direct oil and gas market such as mechanical engineering, chemical and petrochemical, shipbuilding and automotive industries. We successfully transfer our positive experience in the segment of instrumentation tubes for automotive applications, where the share of CENTRAVIS is about 30% of the European market, to the US market. We explore new niches in the US market, based on a long experience in producing advanced products for the most critical applications in different industries and different markets, ensuring high quality of products and services”.

Find more detailed information on CENTRAVIS` new opportunities in the North American market amidst the global market decline in the interview of Peter Gorban, Head of Business Development and Sales Support, CENTRAVIS PRODUCTION UKRAINE and Yuriy Dinets, Sales and Marketing Manager, CENTRAVIS SALES AMERICA, in Stainless Steel World Americas magazine ssw-americas.com.

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