Centravis supplied pipes to the first European battery separator plant

The Ukrainian company shipped 30 tons of seamless pipes for building a new plant located in Poland, the Silesian Voivodeship.

The design production capacity is 340 million square meters of separators for lithium-ion batteries. The amount of production is enough to be mounted to 300 thous. electric vehicles.

It is planned that by mid-2024, another three battery separator plants will be built in Poland.

The project investor is SK IE Technology, the South Korean company, which aims to invest about EUR 850 million in new facilities.

In the next few years, the European Union plans to ramp up production for batteries and new electric vehicles. The plan is a part of a large project helping to reduce CO2 emissions and to reach EU climate neutrality by 2050. Climate neutrality, or carbon neutrality, means that the amount of hazardous air emissions does not exceed the amount that can be absorbed by nature.

As said by Denis Knyazhentsev, the Regional Sales Manager of Centravis, the order for supplying seamless pipes has been audited, the quality audit has been performed by a third party and it has been highly appraised by the customer.

“This is a good entry for us to take part in building the rest three plants in Poland. And the main thing is that we are honoured to help with implementing the Green Project, that will provide an opportunity for European manufacturers to reduce the environmental impact”, ─ said the representative of Centravis.

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