CENTRAVIS congratulated young citizens of Nikopol with St. Nicholas Day

During New Year holidays CENTRAVIS prepared a real holiday for small citizens of Nikopol, having organized a concert and many gifts.

“We have been supporting the tradition of congratulating children with St. Nicholas Day for more than 8 years. We help children throughout the year, but in winter, before the New Year and Christmas, we want to make a special holiday atmosphere for them. Indeed, children’s smiles are the best thanks”, says Vera Nevinchannaya, Director of CENTRAVIS Foundation.

For 300 socially vulnerable children CENTRAVIS organized a New Year’s performance in Nikopol concert hall. All children enjoyed a real fairy tale created by professional actors, and sweets prepared for the kids by the Company. In addition, company’s employees presented sweets and other gifts to more than 200 kids in ward in all areas of Nikopol.

Representatives of the Company also congratulated the kids of Children’s Psychological, Medical and Pedagogical Center. CENTRAVIS together with the company Standardsteel granted interactive pool, soft constructor, printer and carpeting for the building.
Future car designers from Auto Enthusiasts Club at Interschool Center of Professional Education and Technical Creativity received useful and necessary gifts. CENTRAVIS delighted them with the necessary details for car construction.

Support for children’s educational and health institutions is one of the key directions of CENTRAVIS’s social strategy aimed at improving the standard of living in Nikopol

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