CENTRAVIS Presents Unique Exhibition in Nikopol

Nikopol regional museum recently announced its latest exhibition, “The Animals of Africa and Europe”. Showcasing the hunting trophies of Sergey Atanasov, one of the founders of the international holding CENTRAVIS, the exhibition is in keeping with the company’s long-term strategy aimed at improving the quality of city life through the implementation of social and cultural projects.

The exhibits can be viewed in both Dnipropetrovs`k Medical Academy Museum as well as Nikopol Museum of Local History, and are thanks to the Atanasov family, who believed such an extensive collection should be made public.

“The new exhibition is an opportunity to diversify the lives of local citizens. We hope that it will be useful and informative,” says Yuriy Atanasov, CENTRAVIS CEO. “In addition, it is important for our family as it is memory of my brother, and all of his enthusiasm for this hobby.”

“The opening of the exhibition generates a new stage of development for the institution”, – says museum director Oleksandr Kushniruk, “This is an interactive exhibition, a real opportunity to plunge into the world of nature. Among the exhibits are rare specimens of musk ox, caribou, different types of antelope, baboon, zebra, giraffe, and others. Visitors not only get a close-up view, but they learn about the lives of these animals from informational materials and documentaries broadcast in the hall.”

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