CENTRAVIS takes part in Stainless 2015 exhibition in the Czech Republic

In May, 2015 CENTRAVIS, the world’s leading supplier of high-quality seamless stainless piping solutions, presented its company stand during one of the major trade fairs on the European stainless steel market – the 8th International Stainless Steel Exhibition in Brno, Czech Republic.

The event is highly attended by the leading European producers, sellers, and clients. CENTRAVIS, market leader in the Central Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia) has come back to the exhibition after a few years’ pause. During the two days of the exhibition, company representatives managed to have meetings with 20 clients from 10 countries and sign 3 contracts.

“International trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to find new clients and strengthen relations with the existing ones”, comments Marcin Bozek, head of CENTRAVIS SALES SWITZERLAND S.A. representative office in Poland, “On our stand, we showcased our updated strategy and goals for the coming years. Our prospective clients see that we keep growing and it’s a good sign for them.”

Specialized stainless steel trade fair in Brno is held once in two years, giving an insight into the industry’s foremost solutions: starting from the top professionals, and all the way to the new technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. In 2015, the event was attended by 125 companies, and 3 500 suppliers, traders, and consumers.

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