CENTRAVIS participated in a prestigious Middle East Steel Conference MESC 2016

CENTRAVIS has participated in a prestigious Middle East Steel Conference MESC 2016 sponsored by SABIC and Saudi Aramco held on 17-19 of April in Dubai. Organized by NEFT, MESC conferences since 2011 have been an effective platform for effective exchange of knowledge between major players in the Oil & Gas industry of the Middle East region. So far, it is the only event of this sort dedicated to the topics related to developing, manufacturing and controlling quality of pipe steels.

This year MESC hosted speakers from fifteen countries, who discussed questions related to as broad as standards and sustainable production to as narrow as ultrasonic phased arrays for examination of welds.
On behalf of the entire CENTRAVIS team, Andrey Balyev and Oleg Polyntsev have prepared a presentation about the latest developments of production of duplex stainless steel tubes and pipes along with the in-house developed methods for testing and examining the quality of the material.

Duplex stainless steels are extremely resistant to chloride stress corrosion cracking, pitting and crevice corrosion with a mixed microstructure of austenite and ferrite to ensure strength that is twice as much as the one of the 300-series austenitic stainless steel and provide great advantage for design of the mechanical equipment. This means that duplex steels can be used successfully in applications where higher mechanical strength and lower weight are required along with the resistance to the stress corrosion cracking. Thanks to their superior properties, duplex seamless steel tubes and pipes are widely used in the toughest operating conditions, including those experienced during exploitation of the structures of the offshore oil and gas, chemical process industries and in desalination plants in the Middle East.

One of the ways to increase attractiveness of duplex tubes and pipes for more challenging applications is to achieve higher strength. Advanced heat treatment technology developed at CENTRAVIS allows achieving set of mechanical properties of duplex steel typical for superduplex steel without the loss of ductility and corrosion resistance properties. This improved duplex steel brings additional value to the end users in form of either saving on the pipe costs of up to 30%, or higher safety margins and service life.

Participation in such scientific conferences, along with taking part in commercial trade shows and exhibitions, is a part of the strategy of CENTRAVIS that is aimed at extending our presence in offshore Oil & Gas applications and sharing our experience of a professional manufacturer of high quality seamless stainless tubes and pipes, in such regions of high business potential as countries of the Middle East.

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