CENTRAVIS has completed certification of hot duplex and superduplex production according to NORSOK M-650

CENTRAVIS has successfully completed qualification tests according to NORSOK M-650 (Edition 4) and M-630 (Edition 6) standards

CENTRAVIS, a leading global supplier of high-quality solutions in seamless stainless steel tubes segment, has been formally recognized by an independent inspection company Ztrong Partner AS as a manufacturer whose production of hot-finished pipes made of duplex and super duplex steels meets requirements of NORSOK M-650 standard (qualification by Norsok M-630).

During the process of qualification, the technology of production of the hot extruded pipes of steel grades UNS S31803 and UNS S32750 was inspected for compliance with standards M-630, Edition 6 and M-650, Edition 4.

“A unique feature of this qualification is that it incorporates a number of control check points for the quality of the finished pipe in order to guarantee that such pipes would be able to operate reliably in highly corrosive environments such as those of sea water. There is a built-in degree of redundancy in such checks. In particular, it is necessary to monitor chemical composition of the metal in order to obtain the required mechanical properties, including impact strength at low temperatures; clearly define and sustainably achieve heat treatment regimes; verify absence of the detrimental intermetallic phases in the microstructure and ensure pitting corrosion resistance by respective testing. As of today, this certification is one of the most technically challenging qualifications of the production achieved by CENTRAVIS,” says technical expert Oleg Polyntcev.

“Obtaining NORSOK certification by CENTRAVIS confirms that our pipes have excellent durability in aggressive corrosive environments and at low temperatures,” commented Sales Director of CENTRAVIS PRODUCTION UKRAINE PJSC Vyacheslav Erkes. “This qualification will allow us to develop sales more actively in the global oil and gas market by offering high-quality products which meet specific needs of the end users.”

CENTRAVIS was first certified for the compliance with the previous edition of NORSOK M-630 standard in October 2013 (Edition 5). Back then, the certification was issued by TUV NORD Systems. New edition of the standard contains new set of technical requirements, such as those for heat treat treatment and pitting corrosion resistance.

The NORSOK standards are a series of qualification requirements to the production, products and materials used in the oil and gas industry. They were developed by Norwegian Oil and Gas Association. The purpose of NORSOK industry standards is to reduce the time and cost of construction and maintenance of offshore equipment in the process of offshore fields’ development.

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