CENTRAVIS has been audited by Buhlmann for supplying pipes for nuclear power plants in Europe

On October 25 and 26, Centravis successfully passed another Buhlmann audit.

We were glad to welcome representatives of the German and French offices of Buhlmann – Christoph M. Tirre – Senior Sales Manager, Sandra Neumann – Technical Manager for Nuclear Projects, Imane Haddad – Technical Project Manager.

Сentravis is annually audited by a supplier of products for nuclear power plants, starting from 2019. We supply pipes for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant, UK. Since 2020, we have already supplied 472 tons, and it is planned to supply about 60 tons by the end of 2021. Pipes are manufactured according to EN and RCCM standards.

The audit objective is to verify the production, as well as the quality control and quality assurance systems, with the requirements for materials supplied for nuclear power plants and the compliance of the process procedures approved.

Centravis has built a project team, which includes representatives of the technological and analytical departments of the shops and the quality assurance service.

During the audit, significant progress was recorded; it applied to the progress in terms of closure of comments of the previous audits and the engineering progress at Centravis in general. Centravis achieved its high results due to investments of EUR 1.7 million in equipment and upgrade of shops in 2020 and 2021.

Our team leads the charge and keeps on its improvement to remain in the approved list of suppliers of products for nuclear power plants.

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