CENTRAVIS Develops its Capturing of All International Markets, Output is 14.92 thous. tons − the Company’s Results for 10 Months of 2020

Despite the crisis and the decrease in demand for tubular products all over the world, this year CENTRAVIS keeps strengthening of its world market position. The Company's output for 10 months of 2020 is 14.92 thous. tons.

The Company as the Ukrainian manufacturer of seamless tubes and pipes has managed to spread the sales territory and increased its presence in the following countries: Australia, Japan, Canada, as well as in the regions of the Middle East and Latin America.
Since 2020, CENTRAVIS has been starting its supply activities in piping products of line work systems and connections for a new project, namely Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in the UK. The Company has also concluded the contract for supplying furnace tubes to Bousted International Heaters, Great Britain.
“We focus on high-tech products, and heavily invest in innovations. The Company’s R&D personnel offer our customers the best product to remain one step ahead of our competitors. This is the only way to compete at the world market, there is no other way, especially in today’s pandemic and the drastic decrease in the world economy − by 4-5% according to the forecasts of the IMF and the World Bank,” said Yuriy Atanasov, the Chief Executive Officer of CENTRAVIS.
According to his version, the Company has already invested over EUR 1.3 million in its production upgrading over 2020.
While fulfilling project orders, CENTRAVIS has introduced a number of innovative solutions. For example, the heat treatment process engineers specialized in bright annealing of martensitic and martensitic-ferritic steel tubes and pipes of up to 26 meters in length, has launched our new products on the market, these products can reduce the finished weight by 40%, therefore air pollution is reduced due to lower fuel consumption …
The Company still makes the top 10 manufacturers of seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes all over the world. It has a major customer pool in nuclear power, automotive and instrumentation areas.
According to 10 months results of 2020, the total output of CENTRAVIS is 14.92 thous. tons.
It is 13% less than the output for the same period over the previous year. Meanwhile, the Company’s production rate is ahead of the industry average growth.
It would be remembered that, based on the results of January-August 2020 the Ukrainian tube companies have cut their production down by 27%, compared to the same period of the previous year; it is up to 539.1 thous. tons.
“By the end of the year, we are going to reach the output of 17.5-17.6 thous. tons. It will be less than our output in 2019; but our team has managed to respond adequately to all global challenges even in such a turbulent year. We operate in challenging time, but interesting one, and we are excited about the future,” summarized Yuriy Atanasov.
CENTRAVIS is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes. The Company was founded in 2000. The Company’s production facilities are located in Nikopol (Dnepropetrovsk region). CENTRAVIS is one of the world’s top 10 players, it supplies products to Thyssenkrupp, BMW, Alstom, Linde, Samsung, Volkswagen and other companies. The Company employs over 1.400 employees.

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