CENTRAVIS in Dunkirk: Ukrainian pipes in the largest liquefied natural gas terminal in continental Europe

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) has long been considered the future of technology. Its use instead of traditional fuel sources allows cost reductions by up to 40%, and reductions of carbon dioxide emissions by up to 50%. Moreover, compared to conventional gas solutions, LNG requires 600 times less space for storage, and is therefore far more advantageous. While this makes LNG an extremely popular source of energy, it poses new challenges for equipment manufacturers who provide transportation and storage of liquefied natural gas.

CENTRAVIS, a leading global provider of high quality solutions in the segment of seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes, is involved in a unique project, delivering pipes to the LNG terminal in Dunkirk (France). Technical experts of CENTRAVIS talk about this new and exciting venture in a recent edition of the Stainless Steel World.

Seamless pipes are the best solution for such a project as they are able to maintain their strength at very low temperatures (gas turns to liquid at -162 ° C), and are also resistant to salt water, high pressure, and hydraulic loads when in operation.

Austenitic chromium nickel stainless steel (TP304 / 304L and TP316 / 316L) was used in the production of pipes, as research has shown that this combination demonstrates unique properties at low temperatures, ensuring strength and ductility.

“The principal requirement of the project was not only to provide the highest quality products, but as soon as possible. CENTRAVIS was able to successfully deliver,” explain the technicians in the article.

Find more detailed information on all of the processing features and unique solutions within this project in the article in Stainless Steel World magazine.

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